Simple is a mantra to live by in a complicated world. People aren’t black or white, hell isn’t fire or ice, friendship is not an even reciprocal relationship, and gravity doesn’t just make things fall.

Simple isn’t real.

But perhaps making things simple has its advantages- advantages that should not be understated. Complicated ideas stretch our intellectual boundaries, but simple ones are powerful.

Treat others the way you want to be treated- Fall down seven, get up eight- Shoot for the moon.

Sure, they’re idealistic. But they’re memorable and powerful and incredibly motivating as well.

Here’s my favorite motivational quote of all time. It’s been rephrased and restated so many times, I’m not sure who to give credit to, but here it is:

“The decisions you make today will shape the person you are tomorrow.”

If you truly want something, there’s no such thing as waiting for tomorrow to begin. Procrastination fuels itself.


Every choice should matter. Some consequences are literal, and some are abstract. I can feel the junk food I’ve put into my body the morning after, but a decision to be kind today is part of a longer term investment into the person I want to become in the future.

So, be the person you want to become, basically. Think longterm by changing the present.

That’s how I motivate myself.



On a completely unrelated note, I found out yesterday that my friends took a vote and decided that I would be the one out of the group to survive in a zombie apocalypse. God knows why- I’m slightly overweight, terrified of horror movies, and I’m left-eye dominant but a right-hand shooter so I have no aim. Do you think you would survive in a zombie apocalypse? And why? I want to hear 🙂