My First Fountain Pen

Ever since my grandmother let me borrow one of her old fountain pens, I’ve been itching to get my own. I prefer writing with rollerballs compared to ballpoint pens because of how fluid the liquid ink is, so I thought I’d take the next step up and get myself a fountain pen. Plus, I wanted something special to write with for my bullet journal, and fountain pens are so classy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I wanted to share my experience ordering from the Goulet Pen Company, who specializes in fountain pens and inks. A 10/10 experience!

They accept paypal, and they had my order processed, shipped, and at my door in only two days, but that’s just the beginning. The main takeaway I had from this experience was that it was very personable. I felt like I was dealing with individuals rather than a faceless brand. What does that mean? You’ll see:

The Goulet Pen Company is notorious for their packaging. They even included this note below with the name of the person who packed my order.


There’s also a personal message on my order invoice thanking me for the business. (I used my mom’s account, hence the name Hua) The name of the ink they used is written below as well- brilliant marketing, but also quite thoughtful considering that the color they chose matched the bright purple pen I bought.


Oh! They also included a tootsie roll lollipop in the box! Cherry. yum. Such a cute gesture.

Now let’s get into the goodies:



After doing a lot of research on the best starter fountain pen, I decided to get the Pilot Metropolitan in the fine nib. I absolutely love this rich purple color from the Retro Pop collection. The accent band is quite pretty as well.

dsc02580-croppedThe Pilot metro isย a metal body pen with a steel nib. The weight of the pen is pretty comfortable posted and un-posted. (Can I say un-posted? Is that a thing?)

A little bit of ink creeping up on the nib
Cap Posted


The Pilot Metro is a Japanese made pen, so the fine nib is extra fine yet smooth, which is good for me because I’ll be writing on low-quality paper usually.

This pen takes cartridges and comes with a squeeze converter to take bottled ink, however the squeeze converter is opaque so I ordered a Pilot CON-50 Piston filler so I could see my ink levels.

Squeeze Converter- came with the pen originally
Pilot CON-50 Piston Converter installed and inked up
Noodler’s Black Ink

I also needed some generic black ink to get started. Apparently Noodler’s Black has bulletproof qualities (whatever that means, it sounds good!) It’s ph neutral, pretty water resistant (I tried, hehe), and dries very fast (~10 seconds).

Goulet Pens has this fun feature where you can order a completely random sample of ink for $1.25. It’s appropriately named, “Surprise Me!” As far as I can tell, it’s not just a gimmick to get unpopular inks off their shelves, because I got a beautiful Noodler’s Burgundy.


I decided to get the random sample because I’m too new at this to know what types of ink I like just yet. I did leave in the comments that I preferred a wine color, and I’m delighted that they considered my preferences even though the sample was supposed to be completely random. Like I said, personable AF!

I was so excited about this order that I bet my friends were relieved that it shipped so fast so I could stop shoving the tracking info in their faces.

The Pilot Metro writes so smoothly without any pressure. I legitimately felt a difference from my rollerballs the first time I set this pen to paper.dsc02609

I have to get used to rotating this pen until the nib is in the right position before I write with it, but I’m so excited to take notes with this at school.

I’m OBSESSED. Goulet Pen Company, you get two big thumbs ups from me!

I’d love to know if you use fountain pens and if so, what’s your all-time favorite pen and ink? I’d also appreciate feedback on how my photos are looking with my new light box setup. ๐Ÿ™‚


Lisa Peng