Have you ever realized sidewalks vary so much that you can probably tell where you are just based on a few characteristics? Overhanging vines, smoothness, black asphalt, cobblestone, red brick, tactile paving, bike paths, and so many other features of a simple path in your neighborhood are so unique to that one location.

Of the places I know, only Guangzhou, China has consistent bright yellow textured paving on the sidewalks to aid people who are blind. The sandy concrete sidewalk that is that one shade of light grey is the path that wraps around my house. There is only one sidewalk in my life that has a crack big enough for my two feet to fit into. Only one sidewalk that is strewed with honeysuckles in the summer. Only one sidewalk that is formed from a mosaic of slate blue and pale pink tiles. Only one stretch of sidewalk in my neighborhood has these rainbow leaves in the early autumn.


What’s special about your Sidewalks?




4 thoughts on “Sidewalk

  1. I don’t have a sidewalk, but a red brick lane leading to my childhood home and it is probably covered in leaves and a dog is running up and down it. It is the only red brick sidewalk I need xx enjoyed this very much

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