Shiver With Laughter

Hi friends. I can call you all friends now, right? I’ve put way too much of myself on this blog… Anyways, it’s story time!

So I volunteered yesterday at my high school to help lead the Freshman around during orientation. My job was to answer questions, hand out maps and planners, talk a little bit about the clubs, and all-around ease the nerves that come with transitioning to Grade Nine. (Never mind that I didn’t attend this high school my own freshman year because I moved here later… HUSH.)

It all went well, other than a few kids’ strange obsession with knowing everything about the ISS, which I thought was the International Space Station but turns out to be In-School Suspension here. Kids, that’s not the place you want to be!

One hour later, orientation’s over, and most of the students and volunteers have cleared out. A few friends and I were on our way out of the school when I saw on a bulletin board- empty for the new school year except for one lone poster- MIT’s POSTER.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The school of my dreams. The school I spent a whole summer at and had called home before even thinking about the application process that would be coming my way in less than four months.

I can’t explain what happened next. I’d say the poster was calling to me except then it would seem like I really lost it. I basically ran up to the poster and… threw my body at it. I half sprawled on the wall, half chest bumped the poster, and then I just stayed there with my cheek pressed against the bulletin board until one of my friends pulled me away.

She was shaking her head and Shivering with laughter. I can’t blame her.

Did I mention this incident happened in front of a crowd of let’s say really high-level administrators of the high school? *cough cough Assistant Principal… other Assistant Principal… you get the gist.

Thank heavens I’m graduating this year.




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