Fierce Dancers

Good evening everyone!

Most of my afternoons are not complete without watching some Fierce dance videos on youtube. They’re my go-to mode of procrastination because these dancers are artists with their movements. Their moves are so fluid and their emotions so powerful that my hair stands up, my eyes grow wide, and I get so hyped that I start imagining that I can do side aerials into a split too- highly don’t recommend doing that by the way.

For anyone who’s been deprived of the youtube world of dance, I want to introduce some of my favorite dancers and choreographers, with one of my favorite videos of theirs linked to the names.

  1. Kyle Hanagami
  2. Haley Fitzgerald
  3. Sophia Lucia
  4. Sean Lew @ 2:51
  5. Jade Chynoweth @ 2:01
  6. Lia Kim
  7. Travis Wall
  8. Maddie Ziegler
  9. Chachi Gonzales
  10. Ian Eastwood
  11. Misty Copeland

Hope you enjoyed jumping down rabbit hole with me!



2 thoughts on “Fierce Dancers

  1. My younger cousin is really into hip hop dance and is part of a group back in the Philippines. SPCP Terpsichores? Anyways she always posts dance videos on her Facebook so I was actually familiar with some of these! It’s cool how I can be a bit more connected to her world through this.

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