Have you ever realized sidewalks vary so much that you can probably tell where you are just based on a few characteristics? Overhanging vines, smoothness, black asphalt, cobblestone, red brick, tactile paving, bike paths, and so many other features of a simple path in your neighborhood are so unique to that one location.

Of the places I know, only Guangzhou, China has consistent bright yellow textured paving on the sidewalks to aid people who are blind. The sandy concrete sidewalk that is that one shade of light grey is the path that wraps around my house. There is only one sidewalk in my life that has a crack big enough for my two feet to fit into. Only one sidewalk that is strewed with honeysuckles in the summer. Only one sidewalk that is formed from a mosaic of slate blue and pale pink tiles. Only one stretch of sidewalk in my neighborhood has these rainbow leaves in the early autumn.


What’s special about your Sidewalks?





Internet trawlers,

I was going down the rabbit hole of Youtube once again today, and I discovered something amazing.

I hereby introduce to you the phenomenon that is the Windows XP Startup Melody slowed down to 24 hours. Yes. Now reread that again.

Check it out here!

It can be calming or maddening depending on the day. I bow to the genius mind that conceived this idea.

Have a good evening,

Lisa xx

Shiver With Laughter

Hi friends. I can call you all friends now, right? I’ve put way too much of myself on this blog… Anyways, it’s story time!

So I volunteered yesterday at my high school to help lead the Freshman around during orientation. My job was to answer questions, hand out maps and planners, talk a little bit about the clubs, and all-around ease the nerves that come with transitioning to Grade Nine. (Never mind that I didn’t attend this high school my own freshman year because I moved here later… HUSH.)

It all went well, other than a few kids’ strange obsession with knowing everything about the ISS, which I thought was the International Space Station but turns out to be In-School Suspension here. Kids, that’s not the place you want to be!

One hour later, orientation’s over, and most of the students and volunteers have cleared out. A few friends and I were on our way out of the school when I saw on a bulletin board- empty for the new school year except for one lone poster- MIT’s POSTER.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The school of my dreams. The school I spent a whole summer at and had called home before even thinking about the application process that would be coming my way in less than four months.

I can’t explain what happened next. I’d say the poster was calling to me except then it would seem like I really lost it. I basically ran up to the poster and… threw my body at it. I half sprawled on the wall, half chest bumped the poster, and then I just stayed there with my cheek pressed against the bulletin board until one of my friends pulled me away.

She was shaking her head and Shivering with laughter. I can’t blame her.

Did I mention this incident happened in front of a crowd of let’s say really high-level administrators of the high school? *cough cough Assistant Principal… other Assistant Principal… you get the gist.

Thank heavens I’m graduating this year.




Fierce Dancers

Good evening everyone!

Most of my afternoons are not complete without watching some Fierce dance videos on youtube. They’re my go-to mode of procrastination because these dancers are artists with their movements. Their moves are so fluid and their emotions so powerful that my hair stands up, my eyes grow wide, and I get so hyped that I start imagining that I can do side aerials into a split too- highly don’t recommend doing that by the way.

For anyone who’s been deprived of the youtube world of dance, I want to introduce some of my favorite dancers and choreographers, with one of my favorite videos of theirs linked to the names.

  1. Kyle Hanagami
  2. Haley Fitzgerald
  3. Sophia Lucia
  4. Sean Lew @ 2:51
  5. Jade Chynoweth @ 2:01
  6. Lia Kim
  7. Travis Wall
  8. Maddie Ziegler
  9. Chachi Gonzales
  10. Ian Eastwood
  11. Misty Copeland

Hope you enjoyed jumping down rabbit hole with me!