Vice- My Boots

My Vice is retail therapy. Orrrrrrr shopping.

I mostly get new things to reward myself for doing something difficult or meeting some longterm goal. I also shop to spend time with friends and family. Call me materialistic, but I recognize that these things are what they are- things. No one ever has to ask me the question of what matters more to me, but at the same time the act of buying something new and using it for the first few weeks makes me very, very happy.

Now, I usually keep my purchases cheap because shopping might be the most expensive hobby out there, but I could not resist what may be my most expensive purchase clothing-wise to date.

I present you, my beloved matte-black, suede, WATERPROOF, Timberland booties.



I believe it’s entirely worth it to invest in a good pair of shoes.

You might be saying, “Why, Lisa, it’s summer!”

Why, my dear stranger, yes. Yes. It. Is.

Case closed.

I wore these bright red Dr. Marten knock-off boots for most of the last two years. They’re well-loved and quite frankly, falling apart. The sole is coming out, the boots weren’t good quality to begin with, and the leather is peeling up on the most random places. I think it’s time to put those babies to rest, and welcome a new addition to the family!

I can not even begin to explain how great these shoes are for me. I wore them for 10 straight hours yesterday and my feet didn’t feel any worse than if I’d wore sneakers for 10 hours straight. Which is to say, I felt like I could run miles in these bad boys! I have wider feet so this degree of comfort is not easy to come by.

My dear Tims,







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