Experts in Ham Radio

I have good news and bad news. Good news is, I’ve finally found repeaters in my area and figured out when the local nets are. Bad news, I haven’t cracked up the courage to go on and talk to anyone yet.

I was considering it, and then I hear these Expert operators talk about HF radio, making contact with pilots, maritime mobile, and I’m wondering if my noobishness will just scare them all away.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a little introduction to ham radio:

Hopefully by this time next week i’ll have made a contact or two.

Until then, I’d appreciate any tips on how to get started talking on the repeaters. And is a handheld Baofeng radio considered mobile or fixed? Or does it depend on if I’m currently moving or not?

Oh the confusion.



6 thoughts on “Experts in Ham Radio

  1. Be brave Lisa. As a start point use your local repeater, press and hold down the PTT button anounce your name and callsign calling CQ. Example: press the PTT ‘this is Andrew VK1AD looking for first time contacts as a new Ham, this is Andrew VK1AD calling CQ’ Substitute Andrew VK1AD for your details. Good luck!
    Andrew from VK1 Canberra, Australia.


    1. Thanks for the advice! I announced my presence on 3 repeaters since I posted this- by saying my call sign and spelling it out phonetically and then saying “listening”, and unfortunately no one’s responded yet. I’ll keep trying!


  2. Check into a local net and get talking. The best times I’ve found to hear someone on a repeater is during rush hours and the evenings. Keep trying! It’s a great hobby. Good luck de AB8VE


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