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Let’s talk about Cheating in school. Plain and simple, it’s bad. I recognize that, and I value knowledge, learning and honesty.

A photo by Jeff Sheldon.

Cheating’s the single easiest way to earn an F… minus, it’s not respectful to your peers who are trying to get good grades honestly on whatever twisted domain your teacher has summoned their tests from, and it’s the best way to trick yourself out of learning something potentially useful.

Like for real, I’m an aspiring engineer, so I really need to learn this derivative stuff and mentally brace myself to be thrown into the pit of fire that is integration by parts.

College application season is finally upon me, and I can’t help but look at my GPA that’s lower than where I expected it to be by this time and wonder if cheating would have made a difference. I’ve certainly been given many opportunities to do so. It’s not like I plot out on blueprint paper mad-scientist style an operation with a posse of students to steal Mr. Dillydally’s answer key. I’m referring to things like overhearing kids discuss the answers with another class period super loudly. Sometimes tests are on computers with full google-bility only .5 seconds away. I’ve found slips of paper with parts of tests written down tucked in books. When teachers straight up walk out of the room during tests… The means to cheat have literally been handed to me on a silver platter over and over again, but I’ve turned them down whenever I could. It’s infuriating to know that others capitalized off of those opportunities and got away with it when I refused to.

Call it taking the high road, honesty, integrity, or whatever, but now I’m wondering if it was worth it. Maybe it was. Maybe if I started cheating I would’ve grown lazy and lost my work ethic, essentially torpedoing my grades to an abyss lower than any cheat could save them from. Or maybe getting a better grade in a class I took for nothing but a graduation requirement would’ve raised my GPA or cleared time to learn subjects that I’m actually passionate about.

I’m just playing the “what-if” game in my head. I believe most people can relate to my doubts at some point in their academic life.

At the end of the day, I’m dedicated to my work ethic. That work ethic keeps me from cheating, and that work ethic has brought me farther than an A in any class.





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