My good intentions are so Obvious to myself. Of course I’d be there for my friends at their worst moments. Of course I’m grateful for each and every person that comes into my life. I’d take a bullet for my family, and cat videos pretty much turn my heart into a pile of mush.

Sometimes I forget that people who don’t know me and people who expect the worst of others, can’t see intentions. Intentions don’t make impressions. Intentions don’t comfort others. Actions do, however. I’m always reminding myself to do the little extra things for the people I care about, just so they know that I’m there for them now and I’ll be there when the real hell breaks loose.

I’ll give people rides, write a longer letter on a birthday card, reassure them when they’re doubting themselves, and all the little things that take just a little bit more effort but are very meaningful on the receiving end.




8 thoughts on “Obvious

  1. The road to hell is paved with good intentions! But not as extreme as that, I do think everyone is capable of good intentions and at their core has only positive hopes and goals. But we get lazy or complacent or scared or insecure and intentions stay in our minds and are never expressed. It’s that unblocking of intention to action that is so critical! It’s good to see that you are so well-versed in that exercise though.

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    1. I agree, sometimes it’s about fighting that little bit of laziness or self-consciousness that keeps us from doing more for others. Personally it’s hard for me to do that but I’m putting in my best effort and at the end of the day, seeing my friends and family happy makes me happy as well. Thanks for commenting, as always 🙂

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