50 Things I’d Do Again


Here’s my philosophy: There is a near endless amount of things to do for fun and while it’s impossible to experience them all, exploring more of them will allow you to grow, change and find your passions. Plus, it’s exciting to discover new things!

For that reason, I try not to do the same things twice when it comes to unique experiences. But some things in life are worth doing more than once. Some things are worth doing a million times. Others just bring me so much joy. For me, the following are those things:

  1. Geocache in the dark.
  2. Care for guinea pigs. 004
  3. Make Tiramisu.
  4. Stuff myself with Dim Sum.
  5. Move to a different country.
  6. Eat a crab roll from Fog Harbor Fish House in San Francisco.
  7. Say “I love you.”
  8. Go indoor rock climbing.
  9. Talk to someone on Ham Radio.
  10. Take a dance class with a new teacher.
  11. Sleep 10 hours.
  12. Do yoga with complete strangers.
  13. Bargain at a flea market.
  14. Eat a burger from In n Out at midnight.
  15. Hike the Great Wall of China.
  16. Laugh until my cheeks ache.
  17. Look at the view of NYC from the top floor of the World Trade Center.
  18. Go out to lunch at A&J Bistro with my mom.
  19. Pet a sugar glider.
  20. Light Paint. DSC_0009
  21. Run 5k.
  22. Visit Switzerland. 11222123_883827698367575_3660981886450880573_n
  23. Ride a horse.
  24. Play Guitar Hero with my brother.
  25. Dab… ’nuff said.
  26. Hug a friend.
  27. Play chess with a stranger.
  28. Watch the Walking Dead.
  29. Watch Game of Thrones.
  30. Belay someone on a rock wall.
  31. Go shopping for clothes.
  32. Do a friend’s makeup.
  33. Take a macro photo with a DSLR camera. DSC02998
  34. Stand in the rain on a humid day.
  35. Meet a new friend.
  36. Eat sushi.
  37. See a ballet.
  38. Ride the world’s tallest roller coaster- Kingda Ka.
  39. Paint my nails blue.
  40. Play a piano piece perfectly after polishing it up for weeks.
  41. Eat at the Cheesecake Factory.
  42. Zipline in mountains. DSC05390
  43. Eat a mango.
  44. Write a really long, thoughtful email or letter of thanks.
  45. Watch Roman Atwood vlogs.
  46. Get a piercing.
  47. Sit in a hot bath, watching a LUSH bath bomb fizzle.
  48. Watch someone’s eyes light up when they understand something.
  49. Take a polaroid selfie.
  50. Hit “Publish”




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