Jeopardize- Living the Good Life

I lose all self-control in the summers and I love it. I eat like crap and then work out like hell because I have the time. I go to sleep at 3am and wake up at 1pm (that’s 10 hours if I’m doing my math right). I’m basically done with my summer homework. Other than a few classes and robotics meetings, I have the rest of the week to spend time with my mom and watch movies. As long as I can get some degree of college app work in every day, I can justify this extremely unproductive lifestyle.

Part of me is wondering if these bad habits are going to stick around for once and Jeopardize my academics next year (read: in two weeks).

Only part of me.

The other 79% of me is a hardwired workaholic that’s itching to set the alarm at 8am every day. I’ll let him have his way and more later. Right now, I will bathe myself in the spirit of summer.

Taking inventory of my kitchen, I have eggs, coffee, sugar, milk, heavy cream, ladyfingers, and 8 ounces of decadent Italian Mascarpone Cheese. That’s enough for another full Tiramisu cake.

If I’m going to risk my health, I will get a good blog post out of it.

Look out,

Senioritis might have come about half a year too early.



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