What would I do if I was a Ghost?

First of all, I’m terrified of ghosts. The Conjuring- brilliant movie- gave me nightmares for months! I couldn’t even sleep in the same room that my beloved music box was in. I got the thing in a colorful street market in Shanghai, disguised as a miniature sewing machine sitting on top of a wooden box that housed the instrument. It was a real shame because having that thing sitting abandoned in the center of a dusty table in a room that never saw the living was even creepier.

So if I was a ghost, I’d probably try to spare everyone the heart attack and stay invisible. I would have so many questions. Does the world look different? Could I meet other ghosts and make friends? Where the hell is my body?

I’d definitely join the elite organization of ghosts that go around stealing socks from dryers. Are the ghosts that can get away with stealing a hyper-vigilant person’s socks admired throughout the land? And does that mean the ghosts who steal the ugly socks are the scrubs?

I’d probably go stalk the Game of Thrones cast, to be honest. America will have me to thank for the show’s surprisingly realistic portrayal of the undead. Oh I can see the fan letters reeling in.

All the best,



4 thoughts on “Ghost

  1. Very amusing start to your post. I watched The Conjuring 2, not very long ago, it is equally frightening. However, that said I also found myself thinking of Casper the friendly ghost as I continued reading. Great post, thanks for sharing.

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  2. I love scary movies! Conjuring definitely was one of my favorites. I actually wrote a couple posts a few weeks ago about how I love watching scary movies right before bed to try and have nightmares. Hahah. I think the worst part about being a ghost would be the feeling of helplessness as you watch people. But the best part would be the free travel.
    Stay away from my socks!

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