Today’s prompt is Confused.

I basically live in a state of perpetual confusion, and I’m comfortable with it.

Discovering new hobbies is a big part of who I am, to the point that I categorize my lifetime according to the interests I had during that period of time. I’m currently in the geocaching phase and just passed out of the morse code phase. I get sucked into these worlds so quickly. I will spend all of my days either doing the activity or researching about it. I could live off of the river of new information. I’m constantly amazed that entire communities of people are so dedicated to something that the majority of the world may not know of. It’s like a treasure hunt. I sort of let the, normally acute, addiction run its course until I feel my interest waning a bit. If I’m not having fun, I stop, simple as that! No harm, lots learned, and onto the next obsession!

But picking up new hobbies is exciting because there’s always the chance that I’ll stumble upon one that ends up becoming a long term passion of mine.

Spontaneously joining a robotics team was how I discovered that I loved engineering. Before then, I was on a path to study medicine in college because that was what my parents did and that’s all I knew.

One activity I picked up due to pure curiosity was the gateway to discovering computer aided design and the possibilities of big data, alternative energy, programming and the rest of engineering. I could finally admit to myself that I hated biology. I struggled in the class and I didn’t enjoy the struggle- not even in hindsight. I can’t romanticize the experience, I just can’t.

Learning means that I’m in a constant state of confusion as I try to pick up a million new things at once and figure out what interests I’m actually passionate about.  I live the life of a professional newbie.

I’m comfortable in that state because that means that I’m trying to experience as much of life as possible and I will never be left wondering “what if.”


Lisa xo



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