Today’s prompt is Carry.

We carry around a lot of useless stuff with us. That’s a product of materialism. My room gets cluttered really fast with makeup, nail polishes, figurines that look cute and dozens of other things that have any sentimental value to me. If someone so much as makes me a paper plane, it’ll be on my shelf for the next 5 years. I am so appreciative of the effort and thought put into gifts, big or small, so I try to keep them all.

I don’t realize how much stuff I unintentionally hoard until I’m moving houses again and suddenly have to fit my entire life into one suitcase and a backpack. Maybe the bed and the sofa and the coffee table can get shipped over but what about the piles of christmas cards and jewelry and paintings from random art shows, pretty stationary, and other knick knacks from underground markets and Homegoods. I wanted to keep them all but it wasn’t physically possible.

I felt the weirdest thing once I left my house and all my loved possessions behind. The only way I can describe it is lightness. There’s something liberating about having everything you own in two bags. I could carry it all under two arms. I felt like a turtle. I could carry my home with me wherever I went. And the things I was left with were the items that mattered to me the most. For a short while, I understood the value of spring cleaning and simple living. I felt free to start fresh when I moved with new habits, a new school, new friends, and a new life.

Try it sometime. You’ll feel like you just lost 20 pounds of extra weight that you weren’t aware you were carrying. And you’ll end up carrying what matters most to you.

Much love,




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