Ballet is Complicated

Today’s Prompt is Complicated.

Deep plié’s are not complicated, while deep pliés before fouettés are more so.

Pointed toes are not complicated, while pointed toes in a développé are more so.

Port de bras are not complicated until you’re synchronizing them with your legs.

Keeping your chin up is not complicated until you’re focusing on pointing your feet.

Spotting is not complicated until you’re turning.

The synchronization, control, and fluidity of all the integrated movements form a visage of effortlessness for the audience. Every movement is done with the image of lightness and grace.

But make no mistake, ballet is complicated.

Much Love,

Lisa x


7 thoughts on “Ballet is Complicated

  1. As I tell my dancers, “Don’t worry about the floor. I’ll make sure it’s there while you’re (twirling, walking, skipping, etc.)” I think it’s complicated until you let go and trust that even if you fall, everything will be ok. 🙂

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