5 Real Life Hacks

Weird or ingenious, I use all of these life hacks on a regular basis. For me, these aren’t so much hacks but rather a lifestyle. In fact, they are all completely practical, which means no need for random objects or too much effort. I’ve even included a little “last used:” caption under every hack to show how relevant each one is to my life. Judge me all you will, if you try any of these with the same success I’ve had, please let me know in the comments below. Let’s get into it!

1. If you are packing for a trip, LEARN THE RANGER ROLL.

Last Used: I boarded at a four week summer program in Boston this summer, and ended up fitting everything into a carry-on suitcase using this technique.

I don’t like dealing with the extra hassle of 50 pound suitcases, especially on trips where I’m going to be moving from hotel to hotel. I’m not minimalistic either. I can pack enough clothes in a carry-on to last 2 weeks comfortably without doing laundry, plus wedge heels, a fancy dress, 2 binders, a makeup bag, and a thick bath towel. I even managed to fit in souvenirs on the return trip from Boston. That means I had to save space by rolling all of my clothing. Specifically, the ranger roll. It’s an army technique you can learn how to do via a youtube video here. If you roll it tight enough, your clothing won’t wrinkle either!

2. Eat your burgers upside down. 

Last Used: Last weekend at a restaurant. 

Whether it’s fast food or some quaint cafe in town, the bottom bun on burgers and sandwiches tend to be a bit thinner and soggier due to the oils and juices flowing down because… erm.. gravity. So I always turn my burgers upside down so nothing drips onto me. Test it out!

3. Don’t light your scented candles.

Last Used: 2 days ago in my room. White Tea- Linen scented candle from Primark. 

I’m serious. If the scent is strong enough, just leave the candle out standing and the smell will diffuse through the room within the hour. Open flames make me nervous. And if you go to boarding school or live in a dorm, they might make the RA’s nervous too.

4. Stuff your ID in your phone case for the conveniency and a photography effect. 

Last Used: My Driver’s license has been in my phone case all summer.

I have an opaque silicone phone case that I can stuff an ID and $20 in whenever I’m heading out for a quick errand but don’t want to bring a bag. This way I don’t forget my drivers license ever because I will always have my phone on me.

Also, if you slide your id to partially cover your phone’s camera, you can get a cool vignette photo effect for that instagram picture without a filter.

Voila: No editing, iphone 5 quality.

IMG_49695. Tuck earbud cord in the hair tie of your ponytail to keep your earbuds from falling out when exercising.

Last Used: Today on the treadmill. 

I don’t care if it looks silly. Having to constantly shove my earbuds back into my ears after they fall out when I’m running is such a distraction. Tucking in the cords behind me also prevents my hand from accidentally catching on the cord and pulling my earbuds out. This way, the cord from one earbud loops loosely around my neck, meets the cord from my other earbud at my ponytail, and it is swinging behind me when I run. It’s a small thing but oh so helpful.

Some of these tips are obvious, others slightly less so, but they’re all “life hacks” I use regularly in my life. Do you have any tips to share? I’d love to hear them!


All the Best,

Lisa xx



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