You and Your Bullshit

“I asked you a straight question and you can’t give me a straight answer.”

I’m heading toward the kitchen and staring at the counter. There happens to be snacks there. I unwrap a Reese’s Pieces and bite into the buttery chocolate, not tasting it.

10 minutes earlier:

My heart is soaring and I feel at peace watching Will’s car speed down the open road to San Francisco. It’s green all around. I relax for the first time since turning the movie on and happen to relax into the pool of pillows on my left side, and closer to my mom.

“Your hair smells strongly of sweat. Go wash it.”

I flinch. I knew after two years of college and being away from home without those comments that I had somehow inherited that weird asian gene that makes my sweat basically odorless. I don’t know what game she’s playing. And I hate it.

I turned off the movie and my feet carried me into the kitchen.

My mom followed me and stated, “He’s so smart. Isn’t it a waste. There’s really nothing you can do, I guess.” It was as casual as if it was just another breath out, but it made me pause. She didn’t see a young man driving away to discover what he wanted for the first time in his life. She saw a young man wasting his potential when he could’ve been working for the NSA breaking code and making money so he didn’t have to live in the slums anymore. What if I decided I didn’t want to work for a tech giant because I had found another place that was a better fit for me? She would be disappointed, apparently. I don’t know why I’m surprised to hear it.

I reached for another Reese’s and unwrapped it. I raised it to my mouth. Before I could take the bite, my mom interjected, “You know, I’m hungry too but I’m not eating right now (and this is why you’re fat).” My mind tacked on the appropriate implication at the end. I let momentum keep my hand moving toward my mouth and before I know it i’m eating it, and it tastes like sand going down. These are the reasons every time I come home, I’m simultaneously overjoyed and stressed out of my mind. Comforted and invalidated, all at the same time.

And the race in my head begins.

She’s Chinese. She grew up in China, raised by professors. She’s seen that academic success could lift you out of the rice patties straight into a new life in a new country, and that in that new life, people could throw rocks at your window because you, your husband, and your young son are Chinese. She saw how money could buy you into a better part of town and a life where those memories are just that, far gone memories.

Her definition of success is not about me discovering what I want. It’s not about my happiness, because she takes that to be a natural byproduct of wealth.

Her vision of success is working for a tech giant for 200k a year, not because she knows what working “in the IT department” entails, but because that’s what she sees my brother’s friends doing in the bay area.

“What do you want to do?”

I feel like Will Hunting. I have no clue. And until I do, I won’t be able to tell my mom my story. I won’t be able to explain to her what my vision of success is that makes sense — that can compete with hers. I can’t make her understand my values when all I can bring to the table is a gut feeling. Unfortunately. Until then, it will feel like she would disregard my personal development and happiness in favor of her vision of success. Also unfortunately, I feel like figuring out what I want to do isn’t something that will click for me immediately. I feel like I need to gain more experience, try more new things, fail at a couple more things and live a little more to figure out what I want.

So now my job is to bring more than just my bullshit to the table, but I don’t know how long that will take to be sure. I can bang my head at the unfairness of it all, but I can’t really speed up this process.

(The movie is Good Will Hunting)


10 Tips for Newbies Trying to Lose Weight

I never thought I’d be the type of person to shun Juicy steaks in favor of working out six days a week, putting arugula in my fruit smoothies and rocking adidas tiro training sweatpants 24/7. I have no shame anymore.

My goal is to lose 20 pounds in a healthy way and my motto is: anything goes. Although I’m still quite new at this, I’ve learned some things already that have helped me out so much, and I’ll back it up with science to convince you! From one newb to another (i’m presuming), here are the top things that the pros don’t tell you either because it’s too obvious to them to even mention, or because they’re selfish people who want to keep all the gains to themselves! MWHAHA (jkjk helping other people be healthy is a pretty admirable profession if you ask me. Much respect for fitness coaches and other pros.)

However, I discovered some things through trial and error, and i’ll let you know what they are so you can avoid making the same mistakes I made.


  1. You will never have all the information you need to begin. Start today, listen to your body, and learn along the way. If you wait until you feel like you’ve done all the research you need before you start being healthy, you’ll never actually get your butt off of the couch and start moving. That’s because the amount of conflicting fitness information on the internet could bury the earth 10 times over. (okay, I’ll admit, that’s not a scientific measurement, but I thought some motivational advice from someone who always wants to get all the facts before starting a project would be helpful too. I GET it. You want to know what the best diet is. What will give you results without damaging your body in any way. But don’t let that prevent you from starting your journey in the first place.) As Shia LeBeouf says: JUST DO IT! Also just remember:
  2. weight loss = using up more calories a day than you take in (KEEP IT SIMPLE)
  3. 3,500 calories is about 1 pound of fat. So that means, if you screw up and binge let’s say 5,000 extra calories of food one day, the number on the scale the following morning will say that you gained 10ish pounds overnight. BUT DON’T PANIC. That’s all water weight and other stuff you’ll get rid of with one satisfying poop the day after. (tmi? Good, now you know. Like I said, no shame here). The real question you need to ask now is if one binge is enough to justify giving up on your weight loss goals. Most likely your answer is: no. If so, get back on the horse as soon as possible and drink lots of water to flush those toxins out! No biggie. We all screw up. Don’t let it become a habit.
  4. That being said, if you binged because you felt really hungry, that means you’re restricting your calories too much and your body is telling you that you need more fuel. That means, don’t starve yourself the day after (i’m talking about under 800 calories here) a binge because that could lead to you binging again the same night or the day after (cycle!). The rule of thumb is to eat around 500 calories less than you need to maintain your weight in order to lose weight. Here’s a quick calculator: Here’s another calculator to figure out your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE): That is, how many calories you’re burning a day (not just by working out, but by just living and being a potato). 6360458840663405871028737196_potato
  5. Going to the gym is really important for building muscle, but if your goal is to lose weight, your primary focus should be your nutrition. You can’t burn the five cups of rice you scarfed down for dinner by pounding away on an elliptical for two hours. At the very least you’ll break even. Don’t be afraid to count calories! I didn’t realize how much I underestimated my food intake before I started counting calories. You can get a solid food scale for under $20, and you can even scan in the barcode of most packaged foods on MyFitnessPal to get the nutritional info and macros (proteins, fats, carbohydrates- the things that make up the calories in your food. SCIENCE!) I’m not saying that working out is unimportant. You just can’t neglect your nutrition if your primary goal is to lose weight, thinking that your hours in the gym will “even it out.”
  6. If you blend blueberries, you will get jello! (not the good kind hahah) And if you try to stir it up to turn it back to liquid, it will remain jello- just the chunky monkey kind. It’s because blueberries (especially unripe blueberries) contain a lot of pectin, a primary ingredient in jams and jellies. Lesson: don’t put a lot of blueberries in your smoothies.
  7. Don’t overlook accomplishments that are not on the scale. Being able to run faster, farther, jump higher, lift more, be happier and have more energy should be just as important as the number you’re getting on the scale. When I first started working out, I couldn’t do a single pushup. I mean full, chest-to-ground, arms-past-90-degree pushup. Not a single one. So instead of struggling with half-ass full pushups, I did “girl pushups” and other modified pushups around 4 times a week (3 sets of 10 reps). It’s only been two weeks, and I just did my first actual pushup. Pretty wimpy if you ask some people. But me? I am over the moon! I can also run for 40 minutes now without stopping, which would have been impossible for me one year ago. I weigh about the same weight, however. 😉

  8. Recognize if you’re an emotional snacker and find another way to keep yourself occupied because food should not be your answer- I need to improve on this! So far I find that setting an alarm for 20 minutes after I first get that craving is really helpful. If I still want the food after 20 minutes, I’m probably actually hungry so I can go fix myself a snack. If the feeling passes in 20 minutes, it was probably just a craving.
  9. SLEEP MORE! Other than scientific froofroo (here, here, and here) that backs up this statement, sleeping earlier will make it impossible to get those late-night munchies. WIN!
  10. Sneak popcorn rice cakes (or your own popcorn) to the movie theatre to munch on instead of popcorn. It tastes the same, you avoid 1,000+ calories of movie popcorn (THAT’S 1,000  CALS UNBUTTERED! YAH! IKR! I COULDN’T BELIVE IT TOO) and you feel like you’re not missing out on anything when your friends are eating movie popcorn.

Did any of these tips help you out? I’d love to know! Again, I’m not a pro, I’m just a girl who’s slowly turning her life around one kale smoothie at a time (lol).




Simple is a mantra to live by in a complicated world. People aren’t black or white, hell isn’t fire or ice, friendship is not an even reciprocal relationship, and gravity doesn’t just make things fall.

Simple isn’t real.

But perhaps making things simple has its advantages- advantages that should not be understated. Complicated ideas stretch our intellectual boundaries, but simple ones are powerful.

Treat others the way you want to be treated- Fall down seven, get up eight- Shoot for the moon.

Sure, they’re idealistic. But they’re memorable and powerful and incredibly motivating as well.

Here’s my favorite motivational quote of all time. It’s been rephrased and restated so many times, I’m not sure who to give credit to, but here it is:

“The decisions you make today will shape the person you are tomorrow.”

If you truly want something, there’s no such thing as waiting for tomorrow to begin. Procrastination fuels itself.


Every choice should matter. Some consequences are literal, and some are abstract. I can feel the junk food I’ve put into my body the morning after, but a decision to be kind today is part of a longer term investment into the person I want to become in the future.

So, be the person you want to become, basically. Think longterm by changing the present.

That’s how I motivate myself.



On a completely unrelated note, I found out yesterday that my friends took a vote and decided that I would be the one out of the group to survive in a zombie apocalypse. God knows why- I’m slightly overweight, terrified of horror movies, and I’m left-eye dominant but a right-hand shooter so I have no aim. Do you think you would survive in a zombie apocalypse? And why? I want to hear 🙂


Setting Up A Bullet Journal For The New Year


For the multiple personal and international tragedies of 2016, I’m very excited for the new year. Renewal is a fitting prompt for today.

2016 was also the year that I picked up bullet journalling, which has been one of the best decisions of my life. I’m excited to show you guys what I learned from my 2016 journal as I transition into a brand new Rhodia webnotebook for 2017. I also have some tips for students who bullet journal that I’d like to share.

2016 journal on the left, 2017 journal on the right


Rhodia Webnotebook, Pilot Metropolitan, Pilot v5 Rollerballs, and Staedtler Triplus Fineliners

Mini notebook review on the Rhodia Webnotebook: Coming from a $4 journal from TJ Maxx, the Rhodia is a real step up quality and functionality-wise. The cover feels nice, the paper quality is legendarily smooth (perfect for fountain pens), there’s an elastic closure, and the 1/4″ dot-grid is more practical for a bullet journal. Even though the notebooks were physically the same size, the tighter spacing in the Rhodia allows me to create a monthly log in a list format, and yearly calendar spreads (both outlined below), which were hard to do in my previous notebook.

Let’s dive in to the different sections: Key, Index, Future Log, Monthly Log, Daily Log, and Collections!


2017 Journal: Key

The main thing I learned is to keep it simple.  I see beautiful color-coded keys with different types of shading on Pinterest all the time, but for me personally, it’s difficult to remember a complex system and kind of impractical to carry around a full arsenal of colored pens to school everyday. I just simply transferred the symbols I use on a regular basis into my new key.







The index is pretty self-explanatory. I have four pages dedicated to the index, which was enough space for me in my last bullet journal.

TIP: stack all your collections and big trackers in the front of the journal so you can find them easily.



I’ve realized that I use this part of my journal the least. I only find the future log helpful to remind myself of dates such as birthdays and holidays, so I decided to change up the format into a yearly calendar instead. Save space, increase functionality. 🙂 I’ve written what all the color coding means on the following page with detailed dates and descriptions.




I tried the original bullet journal list system for monthlies in the beginning:


Like I said, my old journal didn’t have enough lines to use this method and still have enough space to write my activities, so I adopted a monthly calendar instead. This method has worked for me but I wanted to try out the list format in my Rhodia for the month of January. Final verdict to come.

2016 Journal: November Monthly
2017 Journal: January Monthly

I have a simple habit tracker on the right side that I’m going to use to see just how much TV I watch in a month, and as a reminder to sleep 9 hours, go to classes, and other things.

(I messed up the monthly pretty badly hehe- the days of the week are shifted over from the dates by 1 day. We all mess up, it’s human. I’ve embraced this spread with a little arrow at the bottom of the days of the week to remind myself that everything is off by one day)


I like the way I structured my daily logs last year. I used a highlighted divide to separate my day to day. I never had the space (again the spacing is wider on the old journal) to form weekly spreads, which might be something I try with the new bullet journal. I like the flexibility of having longer and shorter dailies though. This required no set up on Sunday nights- saved time! (I’ve blurred out names and sensitive info)

DSC02665 (1).jpg
October 7-10 Daily Log


I think this collection is especially helpful for students who have projects due in a few weeks. DSC02680.jpg

The top half of the page lists the assignments I had to complete for summer homework for each of my classes, along with a rate of doing the homework that would be sufficient to meet a self-imposed deadline (always a few days before the actual deadline to give myself some leeway, and best case scenario, time to chill).

I found that breaking big assignments up into manageable chunks with daily deadlines was extremely helpful to keep myself on track and prevent procrastinating.

I did a master plan before every wave of college deadlines this year to plan out specifically when I would write supplement essays, fill out biographical info, email teachers, and fill out financial aid information.


My favorite sections! Collections are basically anything that are not future, monthly, or daily logs. Here are the ones that I’m planning on incorporating into my new bullet journal.


2016 Journal: Movies Watched Collection
2017 Journal: Movies Watched Collection
2017 Journal: Books To Read Collection


If I could choose a word of the year, it’d be FIT. I actually want to track what’s going on with my body throughout 2017. In the past I’ve gained and lost weight really fast unintentionally, gotten so stressed that my period disappeared, and other things that made me really concerned after spending an hour on WebMD. I also want to work out more in 2017. I do dance and run normally, but I’m dedicated to carving out 6 days a week this year to exercise.

Yo men, don’t get awkward, the first one’s a period tracker:

2017 Journal: Period Tracker
DSC02703 (1).jpg
2017 Journal: Weight Tracker
2017 Journal: Motivation Spread

Not going to lie, i’m proud of this one :D.

2017 Journal: Running Forest

I totally did not come up with this idea (thank you, Pinterest) but essentially I draw a tree for every 1 hr that I workout, and as motivation for working out, i’ll set aside $1 for every hour I exercise for a stationary fund. That means that i’ll be able to buy a fountain pen or some ink samples every two months of working out consistently. I’m all about setting up rewards this year to meet my new years resolutions.


Rhodia paper holds up very well. Because it is so smooth and not as absorbent, it takes a couple more seconds for ink to dry than it does on normal copy paper. That’s something to keep in mind for all higher-quality paper journals. However, I haven’t had any problems with ink bleeding through, which is a big plus! There is some ghosting (showing through on the other side) but as long as you don’t hold it up to the light, it’s not very noticeable. The paper in the Rhodia is also ivory, and not white. For those of you who like their colors to pop, white paper might be better for you.

I hope I provided some inspiration,

Lisa ❤




















First of all, I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Oh, I might as well tell you- I probably already put too much of myself on this blog: I got accepted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology! Anyone remember this post? I could not be more grateful and excited to move out and start a new chapter of… well… MY LIFE! Meanwhile, I want to spend as much time as possible with my friends and family before moving away next fall. That’s why I really appreciate this particular holiday season.

Today’s daily prompt is Pillage. For those of you who don’t know, the main difference between robbing and pillaging is that pillaging is done violently.

Don’t worry! I didn’t hurt anyone. My neighbor’s Christmas tree, however, is another matter. hahah…

I apologize that my promised daily posts became more of a monthly thing in the midst of college application season. However, now that I’m on holiday break, I can devote time to greeting this blog everyday. Have you missed me? I’ve missed you!

Back to the part where I robbed violently.

My neighbors are lovely people- other than that one rumor from years ago that the man is ex-mafia- but lovely people! Anyways, they get a real christmas tree every year and without fail by New Years, you’ll be able to find that tree lying by the curb (because they are decent folks that realize Christmas is over after December 26th).

Last year, as I was coming back home from a run, I noticed that the tree in their driveway was particularly lumpy. As I got closer, I realized that it was wrapped in twinkly lights! Pretty sure that the garbage collector was coming in a few hours, I started the task of taking the tree lights off. “I just want to see if they still work,” I told myself.

My Pinterest board at the moment was full of aesthetic holiday pins featuring twinkly lights and bokeh photography.

I quickly find out why the lights were thrown away.

That ish was so tangled on the tree that I was ripping limbs off left and right and showering needles over myself with every yank.

All the while I was aware of the really big dog staring at me from the window and the fact that this man was possibly ex-mafia and I probably looked really sketchy in their front yard.

When I finally got the lights off, I quickly nodded an apology toward the beat tree and then I ran away with the bundle of twinkly lights in my arms.

I half expected the lights to explode when I first plugged them in, but luckily they didn’t, so I strung them up in my bedroom and became one of those aforementioned scrubs who keeps Christmas decor on display from December till July.

Here they are this year (the green and yellow ones):


I often wonder if my neighbors ever walked outside that afternoon to find a really misshapen tree flung on the curb.

Happy Holidays!


My First Fountain Pen

Ever since my grandmother let me borrow one of her old fountain pens, I’ve been itching to get my own. I prefer writing with rollerballs compared to ballpoint pens because of how fluid the liquid ink is, so I thought I’d take the next step up and get myself a fountain pen. Plus, I wanted something special to write with for my bullet journal, and fountain pens are so classy. 😉

I wanted to share my experience ordering from the Goulet Pen Company, who specializes in fountain pens and inks. A 10/10 experience!

They accept paypal, and they had my order processed, shipped, and at my door in only two days, but that’s just the beginning. The main takeaway I had from this experience was that it was very personable. I felt like I was dealing with individuals rather than a faceless brand. What does that mean? You’ll see:

The Goulet Pen Company is notorious for their packaging. They even included this note below with the name of the person who packed my order.


There’s also a personal message on my order invoice thanking me for the business. (I used my mom’s account, hence the name Hua) The name of the ink they used is written below as well- brilliant marketing, but also quite thoughtful considering that the color they chose matched the bright purple pen I bought.


Oh! They also included a tootsie roll lollipop in the box! Cherry. yum. Such a cute gesture.

Now let’s get into the goodies:



After doing a lot of research on the best starter fountain pen, I decided to get the Pilot Metropolitan in the fine nib. I absolutely love this rich purple color from the Retro Pop collection. The accent band is quite pretty as well.

dsc02580-croppedThe Pilot metro is a metal body pen with a steel nib. The weight of the pen is pretty comfortable posted and un-posted. (Can I say un-posted? Is that a thing?)

A little bit of ink creeping up on the nib
Cap Posted


The Pilot Metro is a Japanese made pen, so the fine nib is extra fine yet smooth, which is good for me because I’ll be writing on low-quality paper usually.

This pen takes cartridges and comes with a squeeze converter to take bottled ink, however the squeeze converter is opaque so I ordered a Pilot CON-50 Piston filler so I could see my ink levels.

Squeeze Converter- came with the pen originally
Pilot CON-50 Piston Converter installed and inked up
Noodler’s Black Ink

I also needed some generic black ink to get started. Apparently Noodler’s Black has bulletproof qualities (whatever that means, it sounds good!) It’s ph neutral, pretty water resistant (I tried, hehe), and dries very fast (~10 seconds).

Goulet Pens has this fun feature where you can order a completely random sample of ink for $1.25. It’s appropriately named, “Surprise Me!” As far as I can tell, it’s not just a gimmick to get unpopular inks off their shelves, because I got a beautiful Noodler’s Burgundy.


I decided to get the random sample because I’m too new at this to know what types of ink I like just yet. I did leave in the comments that I preferred a wine color, and I’m delighted that they considered my preferences even though the sample was supposed to be completely random. Like I said, personable AF!

I was so excited about this order that I bet my friends were relieved that it shipped so fast so I could stop shoving the tracking info in their faces.

The Pilot Metro writes so smoothly without any pressure. I legitimately felt a difference from my rollerballs the first time I set this pen to paper.dsc02609

I have to get used to rotating this pen until the nib is in the right position before I write with it, but I’m so excited to take notes with this at school.

I’m OBSESSED. Goulet Pen Company, you get two big thumbs ups from me!

I’d love to know if you use fountain pens and if so, what’s your all-time favorite pen and ink? I’d also appreciate feedback on how my photos are looking with my new light box setup. 🙂


Lisa Peng


Longtime no see! Let’s kick off my return with a “Daily Post” prompt.

It has been one month since my last blog post, but I assure you, there has not been a lack of writing. My hiatus began when school began, and with that, an onslaught of school writing assignments and essays, along with the slightly more painful college essays.

I want to talk about college applications. Oh wait, no I don’t.

I want to talk about self-trust. Last year was junior year, or as some people affectionally call, he11 year. I won’t deny that academically, things began to get more challenging for me, but I knew I could get through it. How? because I had developed a work ethic over the last few years that allows me to get 8-9 hours of sleep every single night, wake up early enough to make myself avocado toast in the morning, and juggle school with extracurriculars.

My friends would tell me that they slept at 2am and they’d just know that I disapproved without me saying anything.

What I was doing was working for myself. I trusted myself to get everything done and remain mentally sane.

What changed this year? I’m now in a constant state of low-key panic. College applications are the beast they are because of the expectations, the stress surrounding an uncertain near future, and also the sheer amount of things to do in each package you send off. The pressure gives me the impression that nothing less than perfection can be acceptable. I feel like I’m not allowed to tell colleges of any mistakes I’ve made without a justifiable explanation or some deep lesson that can be expressed eloquently. The things that I’m writing for colleges are polished and politically correct, but I prefer the raw stuff. I don’t know which is better, but the latter feels more real to me:

“I prefer playing pianos with a heavier touch weight to the keys because I feel like I’m engaging in more of a physical experience when I play. Leaning the weight of my body forward to reach those fortissimo notes is more satisfying to me than turning up a volume knob on a keyboard.”

That’s what I want to tell people. Instead, colleges want to know that I’m on the high honor roll.

I’m frequently sleeping at 3am or later nowadays because I’m in the middle of writing an essay and I don’t want to interrupt the flow of productivity. I wake up 10 minutes before school starts and barely get dressed before I run out of the door, sans breakfast. I’ve begun carrying audio recordings of textbook chapters into the shower with me so I can study at all times of the day. Even while I’m being productive, I panic about not doing things in the most efficient manner and I panic about not sleeping enough.

Remember when I said a few paragraphs ago that I didn’t want to talk about college? Remember how the rest of this essay unintentionally became about college? These blog posts are raw, real and unabashedly, me and my thoughts. And I’ve just revealed that there’s a little monkey in my brain that’s constantly panicking about college applications.

That source of calm that carried me through last year stemmed from an assurance that I could balance all of my responsibilities and get everything done. I’m not sure if I still trust myself to do those things.

I like my life. I’m surrounded by good friends, good food, and amazing family. I just wish it would slow down sometimes so I would never take them for granted.


Have you ever realized sidewalks vary so much that you can probably tell where you are just based on a few characteristics? Overhanging vines, smoothness, black asphalt, cobblestone, red brick, tactile paving, bike paths, and so many other features of a simple path in your neighborhood are so unique to that one location.

Of the places I know, only Guangzhou, China has consistent bright yellow textured paving on the sidewalks to aid people who are blind. The sandy concrete sidewalk that is that one shade of light grey is the path that wraps around my house. There is only one sidewalk in my life that has a crack big enough for my two feet to fit into. Only one sidewalk that is strewed with honeysuckles in the summer. Only one sidewalk that is formed from a mosaic of slate blue and pale pink tiles. Only one stretch of sidewalk in my neighborhood has these rainbow leaves in the early autumn.


What’s special about your Sidewalks?




Internet trawlers,

I was going down the rabbit hole of Youtube once again today, and I discovered something amazing.

I hereby introduce to you the phenomenon that is the Windows XP Startup Melody slowed down to 24 hours. Yes. Now reread that again.

Check it out here!

It can be calming or maddening depending on the day. I bow to the genius mind that conceived this idea.

Have a good evening,

Lisa xx

Shiver With Laughter

Hi friends. I can call you all friends now, right? I’ve put way too much of myself on this blog… Anyways, it’s story time!

So I volunteered yesterday at my high school to help lead the Freshman around during orientation. My job was to answer questions, hand out maps and planners, talk a little bit about the clubs, and all-around ease the nerves that come with transitioning to Grade Nine. (Never mind that I didn’t attend this high school my own freshman year because I moved here later… HUSH.)

It all went well, other than a few kids’ strange obsession with knowing everything about the ISS, which I thought was the International Space Station but turns out to be In-School Suspension here. Kids, that’s not the place you want to be!

One hour later, orientation’s over, and most of the students and volunteers have cleared out. A few friends and I were on our way out of the school when I saw on a bulletin board- empty for the new school year except for one lone poster- MIT’s POSTER.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The school of my dreams. The school I spent a whole summer at and had called home before even thinking about the application process that would be coming my way in less than four months.

I can’t explain what happened next. I’d say the poster was calling to me except then it would seem like I really lost it. I basically ran up to the poster and… threw my body at it. I half sprawled on the wall, half chest bumped the poster, and then I just stayed there with my cheek pressed against the bulletin board until one of my friends pulled me away.

She was shaking her head and Shivering with laughter. I can’t blame her.

Did I mention this incident happened in front of a crowd of let’s say really high-level administrators of the high school? *cough cough Assistant Principal… other Assistant Principal… you get the gist.

Thank heavens I’m graduating this year.